Rob discusses the new Nestivity Tweetcast and how it can be used as a collaborative tool in medical education.

EDLI (Emergency Department Learner Interviews)

In this video Rob explains a new project he is working on…EDLI (Emergency Department Learner Interviews). Using a fancy new Yellowtec iXM microphone Rob is going to interview medical students and residents in the ED and send those audio files out via Twitter. Rob will ask students, residents, and maybe even other faculty and ED nurses about cases and other interesting things that occur in the ED. Patient privacy will of course be protected. Should be a lot of fun

What’s Wrong With Education?

In this video, Rob examines what’s wrong with education and how flipping the classroom may be the way to go. 

This video reviews the 2012 International Emergency Medicine Faculty Development and Teaching Course and discusses what is in store for the 2013 course. You can follow the course on and

In this episode I discuss what FOAM is and what it can do for you…

This video demonstrates what you can do with the new Doceri 2.0.” You can use your iPad as a remote control for your presentations, use it to emphasize and highlight things on your slides, and lastly, use it to create whiteboard videos for teaching.

This video gives a bit of a taste of the upcoming course in faculty development and teaching. Stay tuned for more.

This short snippet is just a small example of how PowToon, the new presentation tool just released in Beta version, can be used to create fun and informative little videos. Look for more examples of how to use PowToon as I learn more about it. Check out for more information. Enjoy.

In this episode, Mel Herbert gives us an introduction to how to make a podcast.

Rob discusses what a QR code is and how to potentially use them to teach